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Dan Schneider Presents: 4 Mega-Talents That Got Their Start on “All That”

“All That” produced its fair share of incredible talent throughout the years. Watching young stars like Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell and Drake Bell grow into the adult stars they have become is always such a heart-warming part of the TV experience. What you might not know is that a few other mega stars were among [...]

Dan Schneider Presents: From All That to SNL – Spotlight on Kenan Thompson!

It’s no surprise that people usually associate 90’s TV with Kenan Thompson. Kenan Thompson’s been a fixture on our TVs for most of our lives. We first got to know him when he starred in over 100 episodes of Dan Schneider's All That— and yes, we still crack up when we remember Pierre Escargot, Baggin' Saggin' [...]

Dan Schneider Presents: Top 10 Bromance Traits Shared by Kenan & Kel

Kenan and Kel’s bond is the ultimate bromance. It shaped all our friendship goals while we were growing up. Their bromance spanned so many hilarious sketches on Dan Schneider's All That, Good Burger and we still love watching the guys of Kenan & Kel. With a bromance so strong, we had to revisit some of [...]

Dan Schneider Presents: Where is Kel Kimble? Here’s One Theory!

Dan Schneider fans are always asking us what happened to Kel Kimble once “Kenan & Kel” ended. Here’s what we think: Kel didn’t always have the best common sense, but we all know he was actually a genius. Kel was accepted to Northwestern University in Evanston where he majored in Marketing. While in school, Kel [...]