For many, the 90s and 2000s were a magical decade made even better by the “cutting-edge” gadgetry of the time. Of course, looking back it’s a little bit funny what we all thought was cool, because it’s all pretty ancient by today’s crazy high-tech standards.

Still, there’s something special about the clunky gadgetry of the 90s and early 2000s. Is it the batteries? The pixels? The heft? Nope. We’re willing to bet it’s the memories. Whether we were watching Dan Schneider’s “All That” circa 1996 or playing Nintendo 64, the tech of the time shaped our imaginations in these very formative years of childhood and adolescence.

Here are 6 amazing 90s gadgets we miss, even though today’s tech is way more legit.

  1. The all-mighty flip phone

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Remember when phones didn’t connect to the internet, take photographs, video chat, play Angry Bird, or… well… do much of anything except for flip open and closed? It was a simpler time, and we were all happier for it. Everyone knew the ultimate satisfaction of hanging up on someone by slamming their phone closed. Ahh, pure bliss.

Though when it comes down to it, whatever kind of phone you use to call your BFF is a good one, because you just know Zoey, Lola and Quinn loved their Tek-Mates as much as Carly and Sam loved their PearPhones!

  1. The jean-pocket-ruining Nintendo Gameboy

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Who knew Pokemon would regain popularity over 20 years after the franchise began? Back in the day, it was all about Nintendo Game Boy, and catching digital monsters, sans augmented reality. That’s not to mention Super Mario Land, which still reigns supreme in our hearts and minds.

In the 90s, a perfect Valentine’s Day would be just playing Game Boy together and not talking at all. Let’s get back to those simpler times.

  1. The too-cool-for-school Walkman

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Okay, so Porkchop might not be listening to an actual Walkman, but you get the gist. Can you believe that this was literally the device that gave people the ability to walk and listen to music at the same time? Or read magazines, like Porkchop.

You can do anything with artists like The Backstreet Boys, Outkast, TLC, and The Spice Girls in your ears, and on Saturday nights you could pull off those headphones, and watch them perform on “All That.” Those were the days!

  1. TI-83 Calculator not your mama’s calculator

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THIS CALCULATOR, are we right? It’s a calculator, which sounds boring, but the TI 83 (or 84+, if you’re lucky) was a hot, must-have item that you could load up with games to distract you through even the most tedious Algebra 2 lectures. And, it was literally a must have, as it was mandatory at a lot of schools.

Today, we can use our smartphones to calculate just about everything, like how long it’s been since “All That” premiered (22 years!) or how long since Zoey’s time capsule (12 years!). The point being, time sure does fly, even if Coach Kreeton didn’t.

  1. Tamagatchi was EVERYTHING

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It doesn’t matter how old you were, you wanted a Tamagotchi! The digital pet wasn’t made up of more than a handful of pixels, sure, but that thing depended on us for life, which was awesome for some reason.

If you lost your Tamagotchi, you could just run out to the store and snag yourself a new one. Remember when Kel and Kenan had to replace Roger’s pet cockatoo, Twizzles? If Twizzles was a Tamagotchi, that scene would have been a whole lot quicker, and much less funny.

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Dan Schneider is an American actor, TV and film actor, and producer. Dan Schneider has devoted his life to behind-the-scenes production of hit shows on Nickelodeon including “All That,” “The Amanda Show,” “Kenan & Kel,” “Drake & Josh,” “Zoey 101,” “iCarly,” “Victorious,” “Sam & Cat,” “Henry Danger,” and “Game Shakers.”

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