It’s Thanksgiving Time! Here in America we’re all looking forward to a day stuffed with turkey and a turkey stuffed with stuffing, not to mention the joyous company of family and friends. Thanksgiving as an American tradition has been represented in all forms of pop culture over the years, including Nickelodeon’s “Kenan & Kel.”

Season 2’s “Turkey Day” special will get you in the mood for a delicious turkey dinner… or two… in no time. Luckily for all of us, the episode can be viewed in full on YouTube! As Kel would say… Awwwww, here it goes!

For a trip down memory lane, let us visit the home of a young Kenan Rockmore where his father is preparing Thanksgiving Dinner for a houseful of people, including Kel and some out of town relatives. When left alone in the kitchen, a hunger-possessed Kel devours the entire turkey before the table is even set. Guess it’s not just orange soda he’s so fond of.

Kenan and Kel try to attach sliced turkey meat to the leftover bones, but “it looks diseased,” so they decide to blend it to even worse results.

The next step was obviously to turn to the humongous Yellow Pages phone book (ah, the 90’s!) to try and replace the bird. Inevitably, two live turkeys get delivered to the house instead of cooked ones.

The two head to Rigby’s to pick up a turkey, which they put in the microwave and essentially explode the entire kitchen. So, they steal a fully-baked turkey from a restaurant and bring it home. All solved, right? Nope. While attempting to retrieve his orange soda cap from the turkey’s insides, Kel gets his hand stuck. In Kenan’s determination to rip the turkey off of Kel’s hand, he ends up flinging the bird across the room, straight into his father’s head.

Needless to say, Kenan’s parents (Roger and Sheryl Rockmore), grandparents, and mustached Aunt Gerdie are less than pleased.

So this year, as with every year, remember that even if drama ensues at the dining room table, odds are your Thanksgiving meal could not go much worse than Kenan and Kel’s on that thankless Thursday (they never did actually replace that turkey). Enjoy your meal, enjoy your friends and family, and if you get the munchies before dinner, go for the mashed potatoes first!

Kenan & Kel” is an American teen comedy sitcom that aired on Nickelodeon for four seasons, premiering in 1996. “Kenan & Kel” starred Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell as its titular characters. The show was created by Kim Bass and produced by Dan Schneider. Dan Schneider is an American actor, TV and film actor, and producer.

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