Holy leather and lime green, it’s 702! For those that don’t remember, this all-girl trio gets their name from the area code in their hometown, Las Vegas. In this clip, Irish, LeMisha and Kameelah sing and dance in synchrony to their hit single “Steelo.”

Even those unfamiliar with 702 are bound to be excited by Missy Elliott’s appearance in this number. Elliott raps toward the end of the song, joining the leather-clad ladies on the “All That” stage to the crowd’s enthusiasm:

“I taking ‘keel O’Neal like Shaq, check.

Ask Michael Jackson who bad,

He says I am but the queen not drag.

Dag I’m bad enough to let my pants sag,

I be in Vegas where 702 be at,

Check that.”

Those verses are about as 90s as they get, from the Shaquille O’Neal to the Michael Jackson reference. Regarded as one of the greatest female rappers of our time, and perhaps all time, it’s beyond cool to see her perform back in ‘96 nearly a decade before she surprised us all by joining Katy Perry during the 2015 Super Bowl halftime performance.

Missy Elliott was involved in 702’s first album “No Doubt,” having co-written and produced four songs including “Steelo.” Funnily enough, the song’s Nickelodeon legacy is even bigger than this performance on “All That.” The song, with altered lyrics, was used as the theme song for the show “Cousin Skeeter!” You can tuck that jewel of knowledge away for the next Nickelodeon trivia night.

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Dan Schneider is an American actor, TV and film actor, and producer. Dan Schneider has devoted his life to behind-the-scenes production of hit shows on Nickelodeon including “All That,” “The Amanda Show,” “Kenan & Kel,” “Drake & Josh,” “Zoey 101,” “iCarly,” “Victorious,” “Sam & Cat,” “Henry Danger,” and “Game Shakers.”

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