Bath and shower time has always been productive time for the mind. If you don’t believe me, ask a scientist, or Pierre Escargot from “All That.”

Psychologists have confirmed that the mindless, relaxing state of bathing makes us more aware of our internal thoughts, sparking all sorts of great ideas. You probably know the feeling. You’re shampoo-ing listlessly, and then BAM, something brilliant pops into your head!

Of course, the brilliance of our shower thoughts probably correspond in one way or another to our own brilliance. In other words, we don’t all become geniuses in the bath tub. We just think we are.

For 90s kids, Pierre Escargot exemplified this phenomenon perfectly. The character is played by a young Kenan Thompson in the “All That” sketch “Everyday French with Escargot.”  Consumed in a cloud of bubbles in a clawfoot tub, Pierre becomes French scholar in flippers and a raincoat.

The funniest thing about Pierre Escargot — which everyone except maybe him is aware of — is that he doesn’t actually know French. Even kids can tell that his French is nonsensical, and his translations, downright loony! But that’s the brilliance of bathtime for you. You don’t actually have to be a genius to think you are.

Today, bathtime brilliance is expressed both online and beloved today’s beloved TV characters. The subreddit r/showerthoughts is FULL of the amazing thoughts real-life people have in the shower. Some of them are almost as hilarious as Pierre’s, especially when they are read by “Parks and Recreation” actor Nick Offerman.

Both Kenan Thompson and Nick Offerman prove that there’s a power to shower thoughts that goes far beyond the occasional A-HA. Whether your thought is a silly French translation or a philosophical mind bender, it makes for great comedy.

The next time you take a shower, who knows? Maybe you can channel your inner Pierre. Here’s to hoping that unlike Mr. Escargot, you can take a French class or two to back up your revelations with some real knowledge! Bonne chance!

All That” is an American, live-action sketch comedy-variety show, which aired on Nickelodeon from 1994 to 2005, lasting ten seasons. “All That” was produced by Dan Schneider, and produced breakout stars including Kenan Thompson and Amanda Bynes. Dan Schneider is an American actor, TV and film actor, and producer.

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